Could have predicted that one

So, a few days ago two different associates died the same day, both from cancer. From what I gather, both funerals took place this afternoon. Apparently, many of our cashiers decided to call out today in order to attend. Naturally with no notice, no replacements could be scheduled, and the entire night saw a severe cashier shortage. I had three different managers all separately ask me if I knew how to run a register, which I thankfully do not. Of course, one manager basically threatened to throw me on a register trained or not. Good thing that was only about ten minutes before I could clock out for dinner, so she never got the chance to follow through on that. It was actually unusually busy for a Sunday night, also. Generally while the weekends are never "good", Sunday can typically be relied on to be a little bit of a breather compared to Friday night and Saturday. But people really just kept pouring through. Even so, we got out at about quarter past ten, which is fairly early. But that's also partly because the manager who called it didn;t seem to realize that the department most of us had ended up in to help finish zoning was not actually done. Good job. Lousy little smart-ass, anyway.

Oh, and dude who works in Pets became far too amused by someone calling to ask if we carried horse products. Specifically looking for horse enemas. Thus starting a running joke for the whole rest of the night. On the other hand, I did find that to be pretty damn funny, especially this exchange:

Him: "A horse enema. Can you even imagine what would come out?"
Me: "...shit?"
Him: *cold stare*

But yeah, now two days off, and do I ever need it...


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