Perhaps the name isn't so accurate anymore

So, we have a new Office Depot opening in town pretty soon. And naturally some of Wal-Mart's less than thrilled employees applied for and got jobs over there, at disgustingly higher pay rates. One of these people was employed in the Pet department, which is right next to me. His last day was the 13th, which means that as of now, there's only one guy working Pets. personally, I don't see the big deal, since there's only one guy working chemicals (me!), one guy working paper goods, one girl working the five aisles of Housewares, and one lady working in the similarly large Domestics. Regardless, I was informed that starting today I'm to be transferred over to Pets until such time as a permanent replacement is found. Along with this comes a change of my hours, which so far I'd been pretty happy with. I'd had a stable schedule, with decently arranged days off. But that's apparently going out the window now, and I have no idea what my schedule will be for the next two weeks until I actually show up today. I probably won't like it, no matter what it ends up being. Meanwhile, I'm no longer supposed to work in Chemicals at all. I guess any work that gets done there will be carried out by the ICS people, since the department manager never does anything with it. This situation will of course irritate my department manager quite a bit, since he gets pissy when they send me off to help close other departments at the end of the day and tell me not to do the same with Chemicals. That in itself is probably the only redeeming element of this entire situation.

On the other hand, I've been getting a bit sick of Chemicals. Maybe I'll have a better time in Pets, and at least the remaining guy actually does *work*, so I can be pretty reassured that something will have been done by the time I get there. Plus for at least part of the day I'll have an extra pair of hands around. Of course, I also can barely tolerate my coworker just working in the next aisle over. I'm afraid if we have to spend much time together in Pets, somebody's going to die. And then I'll really be stuck over there since after I kill Billy, there won't even be anybody to work first shift, and it'd be all me. That would be not-good. Assuming I can deal with Billy, and no murder occurs, I guess things could be worse. I'm pretty sure that at least for the time being I won't have to haul any frieght out from Grocery, since all the Pets stuff still comes in on the other side of the store, and by the time I expect to be there, I won't have access to any of it to begin with. That will be Billy's job, you see. And maybe Randy, who's the department manager for Pets. But I don't think he does stuff much either. Of course, now I'm sort of expecting that I'll end up liking Pets, but it won't happen until right before they can hire somebody over there and then I'll get sent back to Chemicals. Maybe if I do end up liking it, I can get them to keep me there and just hire somebody new into Chemicals. But then I'll have to change the name of this place... oh, what a pain this all is...


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